Unlocking the Power of Chiron w/ Sherene Vismaya

Are you ready to unlock the healing potential of Chiron

Sherene Vismaya shows the powerful healing potential of Chiron in this self-paced Mastery Class. Through a Jungian and archetypal lens, understanding Chiron’s wound helps heal our own trauma and that of others as well, becoming our “superpower.”

What you'll get:

  • Over 2+ hours of class material valued at $100

Curriculum includes:

  • Chiron’s history, mythology, and key themes
  • The Chirotic Cycle
  • Chiron as the “Rainbow Bridge” between Saturn and Uranus
  • Chiron as ruler of Virgo
  • Ways to work with Chiron in your chart
  • How Chiron is the key to our greatest superpower

This class includes the pre-recorded class video with a pre-recorded Q&A + Chart Example session, as well as all MP3 audio downloads, transcripts, and bonus videos. 



$97 USD + Tax